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Craft Your Dream Candle

Sculpt, paint and pour your own air-dry clay candles, with a choice of five fragrances.

Start Your Pottery Story

Next-generation pottery and candle making kits for people looking for an escape-by-making.
This is Craft Reinvented.

Best Seller

Candle Making Kit

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Hands-on relaxation

There is nothing more therapeutic than taking a big ol' wet lump of clay and shaping it into a loveable creation.

Just starting out?

Our kits provide all the tools and materials you need to make something you can be proud of.

Step-by-step guides

Our step-by-step guides make it easy for anyone to start their creative journey from home.

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I Love it!

"I love everything about my set. I had the candle-making one plus tons of paints and acrylic pens and it works wonders. It’s really easy to work with this clay as well, as it’s smooth and dries slow enough to achieve the shape that I planned to create. Can’t wait to try something new again." - Georgia S.

Great gift idea

"Brought for my mum. Great kit and we had fun making our first pots. Videos on website were great alongside instructions enclosed in the pack. Will be making more & learnt a lot from our first attempts" - Jo T.

Great Quality

"We had such a good time!!!!! I was scared about the mess but it was surprisingly easy to clean. I've recommended this as a date-night for all of my friends now" - Emily A.

Lovely clay :)

"The kit had literally had everything you will need. Clay, tools, a sponge, paint, brushes etc . The clay had such a lovely feel I purchased another bag so we could all have a go." - Susie F.

Level Up!

The Ultimate Pottery Bundle

The complete bundle with paints, accessories and enough clay to satisfy even the hungriest of hands.

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Classic Tones
Highly pigmented and versatile
Acrylic Paint Pens
For patterns and detail